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Making Your Pool A Fun Place to Be

Making Your Pool Cool: 10 Ways to Add Fun in The Sun Pools are the place to be during the summer time and can be a great way for families to bond and de-stress. Even that teenager that never looks up from the phone will put the phone down when it comes to swimming and fun and a they're a sure way to please everyone. What Are Things You Can Add to Bring Out the Fun? Here's 10 Great Ways to Add Some Fun That Are Instant Crowd Pleasers There are many ways to jump start group participation and to bring family and friends in on the action too. Some are simple ways to go on a low budget. And others can be just for showing off or for your own personal enjoyment. Add Music -  Music is a great way to add atmosphere and fun. Water dancing is encouraged. Portable speakers or unique outdoor sound systems can make a big splash with the younger and older crowds alike. Water Sports -  Something as simple as Pool Volleyball or an off the side Basketball Hoop can bring hours of enjoyment. Perso