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Opening Your Pool In Spring

Spring is a beautiful season. This is when you see trees beginning to grow and plants starting to blossom. The weather will be warmer and daylight will be a lot longer. It's the perfect time to go swimming! But how do you open your swimming pool in the Spring? Check out our tips below. 1. Take Care of the Pool Cover It's a good practice to cover your pool when you are not using it. When Spring comes, remove the water and other debris on top of the pool cover. As much as possible, make it spotlessly clean before taking the cover off. After removing the cover, clean off the remaining dirt and let it dry. When it's dry, sprinkle both sides with talcum powder to prevent mildew and mold. When everything is all neat and clean, loosely fold the cover and store it in a cool and dry place as you will need them in the winter. 2. Raise Pool Water to Normal Levels Get the hose and fill your pool with clean water for swimming. The normal water levels would be either halfway up