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Top 5 Supplies All Pool Owners Should Own

If you own a pool, you need some essential supplies to keep it in working order. These supplies can comprise all types of things, from test strips that allow you to test the water, to long poles that will enable you to clean the pool floor. Check out the top five pool supplies all pool owners should own below. Pool Cover Pool covers might be a hassle to put on and take off, but they’re a vital piece of kit that prevents major headaches later on. Pool covers, as you might expect, help to keep debris out of the pool - something especially helpful for outdoor pool owners. The reason covers are important is because they stop gunk clogging up your filters (which can lead to expensive repair work). What’s more, if you don’t like using skimmers, pool covers are a must-have item. If you ever need any pool maintenance in Las Vegas , don't hesitate to contact Nationwide Pools ! Water Test Strips You need to test the water in your pool. You want to make sure that it contains suf

Keeping Your Pool Clean this Summer

Summer is truly upon, and days by the pool are possible again at last. The chances are that you’ve already gone for your first swim of the year, and spent plenty of time poolside trying to work on your tan. But guess what? Your tan isn’t the only thing which needs attention this summer. How often does your pool end up in a state before the season is out? How many times do you get a few swims in before your pool becomes too much to handle? If you’re anything like most, then this probably happens more often than you’d like. Sadly, as well as being a colossal waste, this lack of a usable pool can leave your summers looking a whole lot less luxurious than they should. The good news is that we’re determined to help you use your pool all summer round. That’s why we’ve put together a few simple pointers to help you keep it clean from the start of the season to the end. Invest in a professional clean If you try to tackle pool cleanliness yourself from the word go, you’re going to stru