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Is Adding a Pool Light Expensive?

  One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a swimming pool is having access to it at any time. This is especially important during the evening hours and after sun fall, when you'll need some extra lighting and visibility. When considering options for your pool, price is usually the first to come to mind, though before prioritizing budget. It's vital to ensure that the lighting and installation methods adhere to electrical and safety guidelines. When you query your search for equipment and materials, always filter to include only reputable products and installation services. Budgeting for Pool Lights, Installation, and Equipment Costs When budgeting for pool lights, you'll generally need about $100-250 per light, spaced roughly 6-8 feet apart. Depending on the size of the pool and brand of lights, there is room for variance. If this is the first time installing pool lights, hiring an electrician will cost an estimated $100-150 per hour. Other equipment that you'll