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Thinking About Adding a Heater to Your Pool? Read On.

  Pool heaters are a great addition to any pool, ensuring that swimming times are extended through the year and the water temperature is always to your liking. However, installing a new pool heater is often more of an investment than pool-owners anticipate, and that's due to many factors. In this short article, we wanted to go over pool heaters, the benefits they bring, and what installing one might look like for you in terms of investment, time, and overall energy! Installation and Maintenance Costs Before you go ahead and get a pool heater installed, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. A pool heater is expensive not just because it eats up energy heating thousands of gallons of water, but also because of the unit price itself, which is often higher than people might be expecting. That's due to the fact that quality heating units that use energy efficiently and will last for some time are quite expensive up front! That being said, it's never a