Should I Consider Travertine for My Pool Deck?

  Are you planning to install a new pool or remodel the one you already have? Owning a pool is more than just having the opportunity to have a dip whenever you fancy. It is about redefining your swimming experience. A great way to achieve this experience is by using travertine for your pool deck. Travertine is a natural building material, which is a form of limestone that has been used for thousands of years. Today it is used for both indoors and outdoors paving and tiling due to its structure and versatility. It is made up of calcium carbonate and can be found all over the world. When used for a pool deck, travertine completely transforms and elevates your outdoor living space. Here are the reasons why travertine is the best material for your pool deck: It is beautiful and versatile. Travertine stonework creates a classic luxurious aesthetic for your pool area. The stone features natural veining, which makes it look unique and works well as an overall pattern. This natural sto

Thinking About Adding a Heater to Your Pool? Read On.

  Pool heaters are a great addition to any pool, ensuring that swimming times are extended through the year and the water temperature is always to your liking. However, installing a new pool heater is often more of an investment than pool-owners anticipate, and that's due to many factors. In this short article, we wanted to go over pool heaters, the benefits they bring, and what installing one might look like for you in terms of investment, time, and overall energy! Installation and Maintenance Costs Before you go ahead and get a pool heater installed, make sure you know what you're getting yourself into. A pool heater is expensive not just because it eats up energy heating thousands of gallons of water, but also because of the unit price itself, which is often higher than people might be expecting. That's due to the fact that quality heating units that use energy efficiently and will last for some time are quite expensive up front! That being said, it's never a

Are You Thinking About Resurfacing Your Pool?

  Pool renovations - like any renovations - can take a lot of time and money. This is especially true when a big job like resurfacing becomes necessary. Pool surfaces are often made up of complex mixtures of sand and cement. While these mixtures are comprised of simple components, once they harden, they can be very difficult to repair. Resurfacing them can also prove to be a tough job to take on, and very costly for homeowners as well, especially if homeowners are solely looking for aesthetic improvements. So, without any further ado, let's dive into all the different things to take into consideration before making final decisions. Knowing more about a project before taking any large steps can help reduce overall costs and time invested in installation and fixing any mistakes that get made. Materials What is your pool's surface currently made of? Depending on the material type, cost can come into play. Hard concrete surfaces mixed with sand or plaster can prove tough to b

What Should You Know Before Changing the Shape of Your Pool?

One of the best parts of owning your own swimming pool is that you can make whatever changes you like, whenever you like. Being able to renovate, improve, and expand upon your pool can be a great way to show off your taste in aesthetics, design, and more. However, renovating your swimming pool can also be quite a time-consuming and stressful process, especially when work takes more time and money than you might have expected. That's why we wanted to discuss how renovating and changing your pool can come with some complications - as well as put to bed some myths you might've heard about how easy it all is. It's Probably More Expensive Than You Think Right off the back, we wanted to drive home the point that whenever you change the shape, size, or depth of your pool, it's usually a process that ends up being  as expensive as installing an entirely new pool. Why is that the case? Well, an expansion or reduction to your pool will mean basically everything about you

Potential Pool Renovation Costs

  Swimming Pool Renovation Costs Our time in the pool is winding down with fall among us. Now is the time to renovate your pool, with the kids back in school and summer vacation over. There are some things to consider as you think about potentially renovating your pool. You might want to add something or take off something. However, your budget needs to be considered as well. Here are some things to ponder as you think about potential pool renovation costs. Remodeling or repairing your pool has a  wide range in prices . On the lower end of the price spectrum is replastering a concrete pool. The price could increase for retiling a concrete pool or replacing a current concrete surround. The high end of the spectrum in cost is reshaping a concrete pool and installing new concrete surround. If a part of the pool cannot be repaired, it needs to be replaced, which can be done during a renovation. Adding Lights to a Pool Adding lights to a pool  are great for swimming at night and not

Is Adding a Pool Light Expensive?

  One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a swimming pool is having access to it at any time. This is especially important during the evening hours and after sun fall, when you'll need some extra lighting and visibility. When considering options for your pool, price is usually the first to come to mind, though before prioritizing budget. It's vital to ensure that the lighting and installation methods adhere to electrical and safety guidelines. When you query your search for equipment and materials, always filter to include only reputable products and installation services. Budgeting for Pool Lights, Installation, and Equipment Costs When budgeting for pool lights, you'll generally need about $100-250 per light, spaced roughly 6-8 feet apart. Depending on the size of the pool and brand of lights, there is room for variance. If this is the first time installing pool lights, hiring an electrician will cost an estimated $100-150 per hour. Other equipment that you'll

When and How to Drain a Pool

Immersing yourself in a swimming pool full of clean water is the best feeling you'd love to experience every time you are ready to swim. There are many maintenance practices to keep your pool clean and draining it once in a while is one of them. No matter how clean the pool may look, draining it after a while is essential. Reasons to Drain Your Pool The top reasons to drain your pool evolve around the quality of water. You can clean your pool when it is filled with water, but when saturated with heavy metals, there is a need for complete drainage. Comprehensive repairs are also done when the pool is drained to ensure all the necessary modifications are done. Another reason for draining your pool is the need to change the water and a combination of other tasks such as painting. When to Drain Your Pool Typically, pools are drained and refilled every five years unless it requires necessary repairs. Frequent drainage often leads to additional problems that impact your pool fur