Pool Plaster Repair Las Vegas

  A pool can bring great comfort in the heat of the day or unwinding after a tedious week. However, nobody wants to swim in a degenerating pool. Although you may have a beautiful and reliable swimming pool, it might need replastering or other repairs over time. Sometimes the pool may need  professional repair  following damages after a pool party, cracks, leaks, and other indirect causes. No matter the cause of damage, make sure you address it as soon as possible to prevent extensive destruction and cost. Working with reliable and reputable pool plaster repair Las Vegas specialists can bring you additional benefits than doing it yourself. But here are some signs to look out for indicating it's time to repair. Stains Peeling Thinning and chipping Cracks Increasing roughness For many pool owners in Las Vegas, it's recommended and vital to hire technicians to do the job. Why You Should Hire a Professional Whatever budget you have for pool repairs, it's ess

How to remodel a pool

  For most pool owners, summer is the time to clean and upgrade their pools. Remodeling your pool involves repair, adding some stairs to it, a fire pit, and a spill over spa. You might prefer to remodel the pool yourself instead of hiring a contractor. But the bitter truth is that such pool remodeling will not be much of a success in most cases. That's why hiring a pool contractor is highly recommended. If you aren't sure on how to remodel a pool, read on to understand why hiring a pool contractor is the way to go. Why hire a pool contractor? Pool contractors  are specialized individuals who work on building and remodeling pools. These individuals know different pool designs and remodeling techniques. If this is your first-time remodeling, then it's recommended that you hire an experienced pool contractor as they are professionals in the field with ample experience and expertise. Hiring an experienced pool contractor not only offers bespoke services helps to save your

When is the best time to schedule a pool remodel Las Vegas

  If you are reading this, you are either unhappy with the way your pool was constructed or just need to remodel or repair it for your taste. we are confident that you will get what you are looking for here. If you love swimming, you must be looking forward to enjoying a warmer weather. Now is the best time to plan your swimming pool remodel Las Vegas to avoid many inconveniences. You should consider doing renovations before the warmer weather arrives to enjoy your summer swim to the fullest. Below is detailed guide of the things you need to know about pool remodel Las Vegas despite the current shortages of building materials and backlog. What is the Best Time to Renovate My Swimming Pool? Even though you can remodel your swimming pool any time, our expert’s advice that you should build or renovate your swimming pool remodel Las Vegas during Fall, Winter, or Spring rather than doing it during the warmer Summer. Covid-19 Effect on Swimming Pool Remodel Las Vegas Building Mater

Material ideas for your swimming pool deck

Time to Deck Out Your Pool! Materials for building and accenting your pool's deck / patio, have really come a long way over the last five years. Now pools can be decked out using materials never before considered. Making things like wood and concrete old fashioned. No worries you're in the right place to be if you're looking for. the best material options for your pool's deck or patio.   A Few Things to Consider First! First, we need to consider a few things before ever choosing what materials to go with: How much shade is around your pool? Some materials can burn your feet. What kind of budget are you working with? The size and the shape of your pool to determine amount of feet for your material? Do you want it to surround your pool or be just on a certain side? Do you plan to add or expand in the future? Is your pool above or below ground and how high do want to build to? What color or theme you might be for to have a certain look and feel? Is whatever you're want

When is it time to resurface my pool?

  Having your own pool is a really awesome thing to work with. Your kids can jump around and wear out energy. You can have people over to swim whenever they want. And it can be a great way to relax at the end of the day. But at some point, you may need to resurface the pool to keep it in good shape. When to Resurface My Pool? Many pool owners may wonder when is a good time to do some resurfacing on their pool. They want to make sure they take care of the pool well and make it last a lot longer. But they also do not want to spend a ton of money if they do not need to. There are a few signs to look for to determine if you need to resurface the pool or not. The process of resurfacing a pool is sometimes tough. You are basically putting on a new coat over the bottom already there in the pool. You will know that it is time to resurface the pool when you see there is a lot of damage on the walls and bottom of the pool. There are many materials that you can use to help resurface the po

Making Your Pool A Fun Place to Be

Making Your Pool Cool: 10 Ways to Add Fun in The Sun Pools are the place to be during the summer time and can be a great way for families to bond and de-stress. Even that teenager that never looks up from the phone will put the phone down when it comes to swimming and fun and a they're a sure way to please everyone. What Are Things You Can Add to Bring Out the Fun? Here's 10 Great Ways to Add Some Fun That Are Instant Crowd Pleasers There are many ways to jump start group participation and to bring family and friends in on the action too. Some are simple ways to go on a low budget. And others can be just for showing off or for your own personal enjoyment. Add Music -  Music is a great way to add atmosphere and fun. Water dancing is encouraged. Portable speakers or unique outdoor sound systems can make a big splash with the younger and older crowds alike. Water Sports -  Something as simple as Pool Volleyball or an off the side Basketball Hoop can bring hours of enjoyment. Perso

Should I Consider Travertine for My Pool Deck?

  Are you planning to install a new pool or remodel the one you already have? Owning a pool is more than just having the opportunity to have a dip whenever you fancy. It is about redefining your swimming experience. A great way to achieve this experience is by using travertine for your pool deck. Travertine is a natural building material, which is a form of limestone that has been used for thousands of years. Today it is used for both indoors and outdoors paving and tiling due to its structure and versatility. It is made up of calcium carbonate and can be found all over the world. When used for a pool deck, travertine completely transforms and elevates your outdoor living space. Here are the reasons why travertine is the best material for your pool deck: It is beautiful and versatile. Travertine stonework creates a classic luxurious aesthetic for your pool area. The stone features natural veining, which makes it look unique and works well as an overall pattern. This natural sto