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When and How to Drain a Pool

Immersing yourself in a swimming pool full of clean water is the best feeling you'd love to experience every time you are ready to swim. There are many maintenance practices to keep your pool clean and draining it once in a while is one of them. No matter how clean the pool may look, draining it after a while is essential. Reasons to Drain Your Pool The top reasons to drain your pool evolve around the quality of water. You can clean your pool when it is filled with water, but when saturated with heavy metals, there is a need for complete drainage. Comprehensive repairs are also done when the pool is drained to ensure all the necessary modifications are done. Another reason for draining your pool is the need to change the water and a combination of other tasks such as painting. When to Drain Your Pool Typically, pools are drained and refilled every five years unless it requires necessary repairs. Frequent drainage often leads to additional problems that impact your pool fur